India’s Leading EMI Based Fintech Start-up –, The Story Behind Brand Establishment By Rakesh Prajapat

  India’s Leading EMI Based Fintech Start-up –, The Story Behind Brand Establishment By Rakesh Prajapat

 India’s Leading EMI Based Fintech Start-up –, The Story Behind Brand Establishment By Rakesh Prajapat, the country’s leading EMI based fintech start-up, set up without any funding in a small town like Churu. Story of Rakesh reaching 50 lakh customers in 5 years and delivering more than 1000 orders daily –

Dad’s electronics and furniture showroom, the money crunch of rural customers, the determination to meet the needs of every household, and the courage to deliver the product to the entire country at no cost emi. Due to these reasons, was born, which is probably the first fintech startup in the country, whose headquarter is located in Churu, a small town of Rajasthan, far away from Mumbai and Bangalore. And Rakesh Prajapat is the person who forced his friends to leave their jobs in Gurgaon and Mumbai and come to Churu.

In his startup journey, when every person is thinking that he will have to go to metro city to grow his business, he will have to adopt eco system, but at the same time Rakesh had decided that he has to live among those people whose dreams are to be fulfilled. For they are in this business. And this is the reason that all the operations of zebrs are managed from Churu today.

Rakesh, a B.Com pass out from Lohia College, starts, says Rakesh, who credits his success to his father, Arjun Lal Prajapat
“You can be successful in business only when your family is with you, you are honest and have a clear vision. The business shopping skills and principles of honesty that you learned from your father have always worked in his struggles.

There were problems in the beginning, people did not believe :-

No one took this company seriously in the first year. People felt that this concept would not be able to work in our place where people believe in buying everything by banging, testing it. For the first few months not a single customer was found, but after 6 months the first customer who was found was 2500 kms away, and today after 5 years the same customer is the head of South Warehouse of Despite the initial struggle of 2-3 years, the company kept running. It is not that has always been in profit. Meanwhile, there were times when the company suffered losses. The company was also facing challenges due to constant competition.

Pointing out that Rakesh’s smile shows how deeply he is connected to his more than 5 million customers.

On his business policy, Rakesh says that business does not run just by giving EMI Pay products. Understanding your customer, respecting his needs, profit may be low, but ensuring that the customer does not cost a single penny is the basis of a good business. They say that we have strengthened ourselves so much technically that we can say that if one does not get EMI on then he will not get it anywhere but at the same time we also make sure that we have every Quickly avail EMI without any additional interest to the customer.

With a reach of over 33000 Pincodes across the country, more than 150 Brands and over 50,000 products, 40 Banks and NBFCs, Zebbers is adding more than 500 products to its portfolio everyday and we aim to reach the last corner of the country. The sitting person also gets no cost EMI comfortably and his product reaches his home. Rakesh says that he was happiest when he sent a fridge from Churu to Andaman. This journey to the fridge taught him that even if you want, you can make the world very small, but it is important that you know where to go.

Rakesh used to watch his father and elder brother getting furniture made with the same detail recently launched its first private label furniture brand Aaram which will be delivered to every household across the country very soon and that too no cost emi Feather.

No journey is easy, it has to be made easy and it is very important to choose only one path to make it easy. Accepting your defeat and moving towards a new victory is the basis of your success story. Zebbers is not only an online retail brand but also a fast growing organization that is continuously creating jobs in small town like Churu with good corporate culture and at the same time it is becoming a source of education for those who don’t have access to move out. There are not enough resources to learn more work culture.

Rakesh, who is most confident and proud of his work and staff, says about his future plans that even in cities like Churu, there is a lot of potential, it just takes a lot of courage to test it, but if you keep going slowly. If you follow the principles then progress is certain. And with this, there are plans to offer no cost emi on more than 5 lakh products on Zebbers in the coming years and at the same time Zebers is going to enter the electric car market very soon.

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